Meet Linda Salas

Immigration Consultant that counts on more than 9 years of experience in the Immigration area, operating as a Paralegal / Manager of the Immigration Department having under her charge the administration of the temporary, economic and family programs to enter Canada not only from Latin America, but also Europe (among other European countries we count on clients from Spain, England, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Poland) Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Korea among other countries. We have helped thousands of immigrants to Canada, not only in the private area, but also corporate.

Linda Salas. I am a Mexican Lawyer a graduate from the Top Educational Institute of The Autonomous University of Querétaro in 2005 with the professional credential number 4803325.

2006 – Linda Salas arrives in Canada with a Scholarship authorized by the Government of Querétaro, standing out as a professional.

2006 – Once in Canada professional doors were opened to her First with an Immigration Advisor.

2008 – Afterwards she worked for a recognized firm with more than 35 years of service; Michael Golden Law Corporation where she stood out as an Immigration Paralegal-Case Manager.

2012 – Linda Salas graduated from British Columbia University one of the best Universities in Canada and the world; one of the 30 top outstanding Universities worldwide with a Certificate in Immigration, laws, regulations and procedures.

2015 – Linda Salas passed the immigration exam before the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council on the first attempt, obtaining the ICCRC License Number R510397.

Linda Salas has extensive experience in the Immigration area, in simple and complex cases that are demonstrated in the following

Table of simple cases

Visa Immigrate to Canada Investors Family
Students Permanent Residence Express Entry Federal Sponsorship Couples
Parents and Grandparents Provincial Nominee Residence Provincial Sponsorship Children
Different Modalities of Work Sponsorship parents

Table of complex cases

Inadmissibility Medical reason
Criminal Record Compassion Reasons

During my professional career with Michael Golden Law Corporation and Max Wolpert, I acquired knowledge in Appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division. We helped hundreds of individuals in successfully removing their Deportation when they had already been in Canada and had been deported. They now live in Canada some as permanent residents others as naturalized Canadians.

Integrity, honesty, responsibility, experience, intellect and energy are important elements to provide our service. We build dreams for individuals that wish to be in Canada, whether it is temporarily or permanently applying the elements mentioned above. We provide a personalized service.

To my ICCRC consultant colleagues: I can assist with any doubt they have, I acknowledge and respect them as colleagues because we are here to build a better society and provide a service to others, so that together we can build a safer, free and above all a higher quality of life for Canadian residents.

Without a doubt, excellence and experience back us up. We do not experiment with your applications; we are conscious of your dreams and needs. We want to help you live and enjoy Canada, deservedly so.