The open work permits

The Open work permits permit them to work at any job with any employer with a limited exception. An open work permit also means that they can be contracted without the employer obtaining a LMO.

Generally, the eligibility of their spouse for an open work permit depends on the level of skill of their work.

The accompanying family members should always apply for their own work permits. They should apply at the same time you do, before entering Canada. If they decide to work after entering Canada, they can apply once they are inside the country.

Options to permanently remain in Canada

It is easier for temporary highly trained workers to bring their families while working in Canada, than for those that are found within the categories of little preparation. The highly trained workers can also apply to become permanent residents under the Federal Qualified Workers Program or the Canadian Experience Program, established in 2008. The workers with little preparation should qualify under the Provincial Nominated Programs.

For the workers with little preparation, the best opportunity for permanent status is to apply through the Provincial Nominated Program. Some programs permit the foreign workers with little preparation in designated industries, to be nominated for permanent residence by their employers.

The homecare givers can apply for permanent status after accumulating more than two years of labor experience. Under the new rules, they will have four years to complete this requirement. They can also apply over-time hours to apply for permanent residence sooner. They can become eligible to apply for permanent residence after having worked full-time for two years or after accumulating 3,900 hours during a minimum of 22 months with a maximum of 390 hours of over-time.