Who we are?

We are an immigration-consulting firm for Canada. For all those individuals that need a visa for Visit Canada or for those young adults that wish to study at the best universities in the world surrounded by mountains in which they can carry out different types of exercise while they fulfill their goals of completing their studies internationally.

Canada also has an open door to professionals that fulfill certain requirements.
If your interest is only to work for a period in Canada, to obtain international experience, then continue reading because the content of this page was created thinking of you.

Our experience, our Immigration Consulting counts on more than 7 years of experience in the immigration area operating as a Paralegal / Manager of the Immigration Department, in charge of the administration of the temporary, economic and family programs to enter Canada. Not only from Latin America, but also England, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong among other countries. We have helped thousands of immigrants to Canada not only in the private area but in corporate.

Our consulting firm was born from the need of offering a more personalized attention in different languages in the immigration area. Since day to day the demand is growing, our team made the decision to expand into the immigration area; together we decided that we needed to create a new Company that exclusively offered these services.


Our mission is to help you meet your goals, whether it be temporary or permanent in the immigration area to come to Canada. In addition to counting on a trained team to help you during the complete process, our team has extensive experience in the Immigration area. Each one of them speaks a different language such as: Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, English and Korean among other languages and can help you better understand the process.

Whether being able to come to Canada is temporary or permanent, we will make your experience a pleasant one.


Our vision is that our clients have a pleasant experience, knowing that they can count on individuals that offer them help and that are specialized in immigration. That they are not experimenting, but that they have many years of experience.